Late 1800's
Early 1940’s
Mid 1940’s
May 2013
Lodge originally built. The exact date is unknown but the cabin’s hand hewn logs indicate it was built sometime in the late 1800’s. Ownership of the lodge can be traced back to 1887.
The Lodge (known as mcHatt Inn) owned and operated by Gordon McDowell. It served as a filling station, provided food, and cabin rentals.
Lodge called McHatt Inn. Gained a reputation of being a brothel and roadhouse due to the Elmo Dance Hall across the road. This happened up until about the 1960’s after the interstate was established and the dance hall was demolished.
Lodge renamed to Wagon Wheel Lodge.
McDowell passed away and the lodge becomes a private residence and soon abandoned.
Frank Rotter buys the land and lodge. He always had a bucket list item to own and operate a winery someday. Better late then never.
First planting of grape vines for future wine.