Charles Gordon McDowell was a well-known Williams businessman and a member of the Coconino County Board of Supervisors. He was a previous owner of the Wagon Wheel Winery formerly known as the Wagon Wheel Lodge from 1937-1959. McDowell was born on March 22, 1901 in Arkansas City, Kansas and married his wife Juanita in 1933. For 10 years Charles served as an auditor for the Continental Oil Company which took him through Williams several times where he soon moved to.
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Franz Rotter was born in Shonenberg, Germany May 27, 1931. He was one of eight children growing up on their family’s farm. There was a family expectation to grow up and get into the family farm business; however, Franz had a different idea for his future. At the age of 14 he sought out his own apprenticeship and started work at a bakery. After three years he left for Switzerland in 1953 with a friend where he met his soon to be wife Hanna Horsch. They would be married on August 27, 1956. (read more...)


Ann and Louie Serna were married in August of 2011. Louie has three children and so does Ann, making the family a version of the Brady Bunch. Ann and Louie live in Tusayan and manage the Canyon Plaza Resort along side of Ann’s father Franz Rotter and mother Hanna Rotter. Ann was born in Chicago in 1961 and moved with her family to the Grand Canyon where she attended most of her schooling. After graduating high school Ann moved to Tucson where she attended a small school for Business.
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